ME Banking Forum 2014

The UAE Banks Federation and The Banker proudly present the second annual Middle East Banking Forum 2014 focusing on "Innovation". 

Banks have always had to be creative to succeed, but in today’s digital environment innovation is more important than ever. Branches are still popular, and customers like to talk to their bankers face-to-face or by telephone. But people and businesses are increasingly conducting their transactions and seeking advice through computers and mobile devices. 


So how are banks in the Middle East adapting to these global trends? How are they developing multi-channel strategies to meet their customers’ changing needs? Are banks making a success out of social media, or is it a disaster waiting to happen? Are they able to compete against new entrants – not only start-up banks and foreign institutions looking for new markets, but non-banking organisations such as mobile phone companies? And with all of the new pressures they are facing, how do banks ensure their corporate governance frameworks are still fit for purpose and that management and staff continue to adhere to the highest ethical standards? 


Through a series of presentations, panel sessions and on-stage interviews, chief executives and other senior leaders from regional and international banks, experts and consultants will offer their thoughts on innovation in delivery channel strategy, governance and ethics, as well as new developments in financial regulation, SME finance and Islamic banking. 


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Please click here for more details
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