ME Banking Forum 2018

The Middle East Banking Forum 2018

Nobody knows for certain what banking will look like 10 years from now, but it is possible to make an informed guess. The future will be even more digitalised. Mobile banking, faster payments, open banking APIs and banking ecosystems will be well entrenched around the world. Robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain will be maturing or have already matured in many markets. New tech-based concepts most of us cannot even dream of today will, a decade hence, be under discussion, and probably be piloted or rolled out on a commercial scale. 

Outside the technology arena, sustainable finance will become mainstream, with bankers taking full account of environmental, social and governance principles in their strategies. They will pay more attention to how they behave, professionally and ethically. They will still be engaged in a relentless struggle against money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes as the dishonest find new ways of making money illicitly – crime can only be contained, never eradicated. And bankers will be faced with new regulations which will – for all their good – pose major compliance headaches.

The UAE Banks Federation, the Financial Times and The Banker present the sixth annual Middle East Banking Forum: Banking 10 years from now, a half-day conference that will look deep into the future.

Banking executives, regulators, consultants and others in the industry will meet to discuss how banking is changing, and how it is likely to develop over the coming decade. The keynote addresses, panel sessions and on-stage interviews will be conducted by FT Group journalists. Delegates will have the  opportunity to participate in inter-active voting and Q&A sessions, and there will be ample opportunities to meet like-minded people during the networking breaks. 

Put your crystal ball away. Join us in Dubai on 11 November to hear what real visionaries have to say about the future of banking.

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